About bow legs blog

the name of this website may suggest that there will only be a topic about bow legs, but that’s not true. The site will cover health topics from various areas.
I play football myself, I am a goalball coach, I practice calisthenics and recently I started to work out in the gym (a set of exercises for a bodybuilder) so I would like to say what I know from my experience, observations and things I have read or watched.

If you are still curious why I will write about health, I will tell you that as a child I had dysplasia of the left hip joint. It was different with doctors and rehabilitation. At some point, at the urging of my doctor, I began to save my hip joints. Unfortunately, I know now that it was a bad decision and that is why everyday pain appeared in my life. Pain in the hip, spine and knees.

When at one point I was fed up with saving myself and the effects of it were miserable, I decided to start doing what, according to some, I should not. I stopped limiting myself and started training aikido. Later football appeared and despite the fact that I was accompanied by pain while running, in time to my surprise the pain completely disappeared. Thanks to these experiences, I would like to help others and give them hope for recovery or improvement of their condition.

I will try to post daily so invite you to visit frequently