About a sedentary lifestyle – live healthy seated

We hear everywhere that movement is health and it is absolutely true. However, you have to remember that nowadays a lot of people work on the computer.
In theory, our hips get more tense and our posture deteriorates. If our posture worsens, it can cause various pains.
We grow a hump literally. More and more people have problems with their eyesight and hearing loss due to the surrounding noise. Of course, when it comes to hearing, we do the biggest harm through headphones. We don’t hear the music well on the bus or outside so we make it louder by hurting mercilessly.

There are many problems that overlap and I will try to discuss them all in this post. It is a reward for my last lack;)

Problem No. 1. Tight hips

We have to sit, but there are 3 ways (depending on the situation) that we can use to get rid of the problem.
a) If we work at home or are sitting at home most often, we can even improve our condition thanks to the Turkish sitting. It is true that it is uncomfortable for most of us and some, they can only sit in this position for a few seconds. I no longer mention the pain felt at that time and the inability to leave the touch knee the floor. However, despite these difficulties, it is extremely healthy, and people in Thailand practically do not know hips pain.

Yes, I know you can’t do it. I do not want to be sat in the Turkish position right away. Your task looks like this:
30 minutes daily seating on the floor. You are not to stick to any fixed position. Just sit as comfortably as you can and change it every time you feel uncomfortable.

Information written on the basis of what you convey below;) It also has some movies in English I recommend.

b) if you work in a corporation, you can try to stand at a sufficiently high desk (the employer, hearing about improving productivity, may agree to buy them) and every now and then sit because he will stand still all the time will put his unused habits back. If your company doesn’t buy new desks, you can bring a gym ball and sit on it. This requires overcoming shame, but who is not brave does not drink champagne.
The ball has the advantages that it is unstable so your muscles are already forced to work. They don’t clash as much as in a chair because they work.

c) suppose you don’t have the courage and the company is very economical and doesn’t care about you. In this case, try to get up for about a half hour or so.
Look for reasons to go somewhere for a moment. To the bathroom, to the kitchen, for documents (stop asking colleagues), etc. You can even offer to go buy lunch or garbage for somebody.
A simple, cheap but effective method.

Problem No. 2. Slouching

I will not write long, I just recommend a “spider” that helps you develop a good habit and get rid of the bad one.
Unfortunately, in addition, you need to strengthen weak muscles to compensate for muscular distabalance.

(I will still write about strengthening muscles)

Problem No. 3. Deteriorating eyesight

Here, as in the case of tense hips, it is important to take breaks.
20/20/20 rules -> every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, take a break from looking at the screen and look at something at least 20 feet away from you.

In addition, so-called eye yoga is helpful. When you feel when your eyes are tired, do the following set of exercises (1 sets, 10 reps on each eye):

  • eye movements up and down
  • moves left – right, right – left
  • diagonal movements left – right, right – left
  • make circles to the left and to the right (the larger the better, but do not exceed the limit of discomfort), right to left
  • if the room is large or you have the opportunity to look out the window, look alternately at near and far (few times)

The ideal is to do these exercises not only when you feel eye strain, but every day

If you can afford it, I recommend a “natural screen”. The brand is not important. It is important that you start looking “more naturally”.
When you look at the laptop, the number of blinks decreases, which is not good for your eyesight. With a book-like reader, this result should be
correct. More blinks = better hydrated eyes. Naturally.

Problem No. 4 Hearing problems

I will not make the noise outside of you fade away, but you can stop using traditional earphones and start
to use the bone headphones.
Even if you turn up the music, you won’t be harmed, or at least I don’t know anything about it.

That’s all good for today;)

Let me know if these ways have helped you. Or maybe you have your own ways to protect your health? 😉

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