Cheap and healthy body and posture improvement

Recently it was also about posture, but this time the information will be given in a different context.
It’s about strengthening the body whether we sit a lot or not. Why?
Exercise not only improves our posture, but also improves circulation, improves condition, makes us live longer, and our muscles strengthen enough to help joints.

When it comes to exercise, the gym is very good because it brings results very quickly, it is also easier for beginners because you can easily adjust the weight. There is a disadvantage, which, unfortunately, prevents some from exercising: the price.

The solution is one: calisthenics.
Kalistenika is training with your own body weight. Even if you get strong enough to add weight, you still don’t have to go to the gym. The weight at calisthenics can be water bottles, bags filled with sand or anything heavy.

I will not give you an exact plan here, but I will give general principles that will help you:

  • take breaks between workouts (that’s when the muscles grow), i.e. you can do workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • if you want to build strength and mass at the same time, it is worth doing 3 sets of 12 monsters (of course, as a beginner you can do less at the beginning to get used to the body). When you feel that the number of repetitions is getting too easy, add the number of repetitions or the weight
  • if you feel pain during exercise and it persists after a few repetitions, stop the exercise. This is a sign that the muscles have been strained too quickly

It’s all for today 😉 If you have any questions, comments.

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