Bow legs

This problem is the title name of this website will also be described first. I’ve never had a problem with blow legs,
but I prepared some information and a video with exercises. I recommend most of the videos of this youtuber (I like his approach
to natural methods and his style).

Some typically medical information:
Lopsided legs are a defect in the lower limbs characterized by the arrangement of the legs resembling the letter X.

  The disease usually manifests around four to five years of age.
It can be treated with appropriate corrective exercises, while in advanced cases splints and braces are used.
Knee deformities next to foot defects are among the most common pathologies of the lower extremities. At different periods of the child’s life, the formation of the lower limbs and feet is slightly different.

The movie you’ve been waiting for;)

I wish you fruitful exercises;)